Installing Sphinx 0.9.9 from MacPorts

Sphinx 0.9.9 is now available through MacPorts. If you want MacPorts but haven’t got it head on over here.

Install Sphinx

For a new install use the following commands:

sudo port -d selfupdate #this updates the PortFile tree and index
sudo port install sphinx

If you have an older version this should upgrade to 0.9.9

sudo port -d selfupdate  #this updates the PortFile tree and index
sudo port upgrade outdated  #upgrades

Check install

If you don’t remember choosing a different directory on install then you will find MacPorts related stuff (including Sphinx) in /opt/local/

Ensure /opt/local/bin is in $PATH

echo "${PATH//:/$'\n'}"  #display all dirs on path on a separate line

To check the installation here are some commands:

which searchd
which indexer
searchd -h

Setting up config

If this is a fresh install you may need to copy the distribution config from sphinx.conf.dist to sphinx.conf. There is also a file without comments called sphinx-min.conf.dist

cd /opt/local/etc/sphinx/

if [ ! -f sphinx.conf ]
sudo cp sphinx.conf.dist sphinx.conf

sudo open sphinx.conf #open the config

port gohome sphinx #opens sphinx homepage

Docs and php API

If you are working with php there is a api file here sphinxapi.php with some docs here

For help setting up indexes here are the Sphinx docs

Some helpful commands for when you are playing around with your sources and indexes.

#watch as connections come in
sudo searchd --console
#this will reindex all and send a signal to the running searchd process to rotate updated indexes automatically
sudo indexer --all --rotate

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