AviSynth Builds Speed Comparison

I just did a quick comparison of 2 popular AviSynth builds and thought I may as well put the results up here in case other people were wondering.
I compared XhmikosR’s AviSynth_258_MT_MSVC2010 (27 March 2011 build) (download link) with SET’s 2.6 Alpha 2 build (download link)
I did 5 tests per build and the average framerates were:

XhmikosR’s: 41.414fps
SET’s: 41.878fps

In other words there is a speed advantage of over 1% when using SET’s over XhmikosR’s.

I also had similar results when comparing XhmikosR’s MVTools2 build with the official one.
The official one had an average framerate of 15.68 while XhmikosR’s was 15.28, which means the official is faster by roughly 2.5%.

So with these results I will continue to recommend SET’s 2.6 as the best AviSynth build to use. It seems to be the most stable and the fastest 🙂


  1. You are comparing apples with oranges. These are different branches. So don’t just jump to the conclusions you did.

  2. SubJunk

    April 3, 2011 at 8:11 am

    @anon: I see discussions all the time on doom9, avsforum and other video enthusiast forums about which builds to use for speed; whether to use 2.5.8 or 2.6 and which builds within those versions to use.
    I had requests for months to compare them and I finally found the time to do it.
    Since most people don’t care which version they use – they just want the most stable and fast – this is a relevant test.
    Plus the MVTools2 tests compared the exact same versions but just different builds.

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