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  1. could you please fix mencoder for arabic language the same what you did for hebrew

  2. SubJunk

    March 25, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    @ror: Which version first had the bug with Arabic language?

  3. Hey guys, I read your tutorial “Convert videos to 60fps,” and you guys do good work. I havent tried it yet, but your instructions are very clear, so I do not think i would have any problems following them.

    However, I am very curious about when you say: Note: This can now be done in realtime using Universal Media Server!

    I have never used UMS, so I am a little unsure what you mean. Does this mean i can watch an 30fps mkv video at 60fps via my PS3?

    From what I understand, your guide explains how to create a video that is converted from 30fps to 60fps. I am guessing this will take ages to do the conversion, so I am really interested to see how UMS does this.

    I have searched in UMS’s forum, but I could not find any mention on how to do this. I do not suppose you could perhaps write another guide on how to do this?


  4. SubJunk

    September 10, 2012 at 8:15 am

    @glen: Thanks for the feedback. To do it in UMS you just go into the “AviSynth/MEncoder” options and enable “True Motion”, then play your videos via that engine.

  5. Hey Subjunk,

    OK, i finally had time to test out your method for converting to 60FPS, and it worked perfectly for me for a couple of small samples I have laying around.

    First off, I have seen movies on TV that look amazing, and I always wondered why they didnt look as good on my computer. Now i am 100% convinced that 60FPS is the way to go, and I thank you for your method.

    The only problem i have is that my Core i7 runs a little hot when i do the conversion. I guess i need to get a new CPU fan, because i have removed both of the sides of my case and i have a fan blowing right on my CPU, but the temp seems stuck at 67’c, which is not too bad actually, because i sometimes get that when i am playing games. I know this is not your fault, so please do not take this as criticism. I blame the crappy Intel CPU fan, which truly sucks ass.

    To be honest, i output my computer to my TV. I always figured my computer was as good of a media player as a set-top box/PS3/xbox. However, i think i am wrong now. Seems to me that these stand-alone devices output at a higher framerate than my nvidia gfx card does.

    Anyways, my question is… if i do not have any stand-alone device, like a PS3, xbox, or Set-top box, do you recommend getting one to play videos?

    I am currently encoding a 1080p mkv of Batman, and the estimated time is 5 hours or so. Seems to me that UMS would not be able to do realtime encoding any better.

    Then again, i would need to pipe UMS through another machine before i can play it on my TV. Alas, my tv is a bit old, and it doesnt have like… ethernet or USB connections. Most modern TVs can play vids straight off a thumb drive, but i guess I bought mine a bit too early 🙁

    Also, you mention you connect UMS through your PS3. Does your PS3 output at 1080p and 60fps? All the set top boxes i have seen only do 1080p at 24-30fps.

    Once again, thanks for your awesome guide. You have given me many weekends of thinking-enjoyment 😀

  6. Oh, and one more question…

    Do you know why the file size is so much smaller even after converting to 60fps? I first converted the 150mb sample from batman, and the 60fps file is only 45mb.

    I am not complaining, but i am really curious how this is possible.

  7. SubJunk

    September 15, 2012 at 8:34 am

    @glen: Yes, I recommend using PS3 + UMS. Your computer may do it in realtime, because remember a lot of the processing time is being spent converting to x264 with the conversion guide, whereas with UMS there is no x264 conversion.
    Agreed about Intel fans, I use a custom CPU fan.
    Yes, PS3 outputs 1080p@60FPS.
    The filesize may be smaller for many reasons, maybe the source file used faster settings that achieved less efficient conversion, maybe they used higher quality settings, or maybe they used an older version of x264 which was much less efficient (and maybe a combination of all 3)

  8. thanks for the response subjunk 😀

    I have been a busy bee, and I tested the 60fps files i made on a couple of friend’s set-top boxes, and they do not work on any. Mind you, they have cheap older ones, so i am guessing their machines do not have up-to-date software. As you say… i guess this means i have to get an xbox or PS3. I have been tempted to get one, but I am sorta interested in waiting to get the xbox720. However, after seeing what 60fps is like… ya i may have to get one sooner than later 😀

    To be honest, i am not that familiar with the particulars of how videos are compressed or converted. The only thing i ever do is convert DVDs to avi using AutoGK. I dont suppose you know any beginners-sites 😛

    Oh, and to show my appreciation for your work, is there anything i can do to be your guinea pig? Perhaps i can help you do like… codec tests or sumthing :p

  9. can I use interframe for live framerate doubling?

  10. How can I enable GPU “quality” (16×16 blocks?) when only using a CPU with interframe?

  11. @gillecaluim Yes, you can. If you search Google you’ll find guides on how to do it.

    @John Klimek You can’t, because CPUs can’t do it. GPUs can do more detail because of the way they’re designed.

  12. @subjunk,

    I’ve registered on the UMS forum but I’m not able to login. emailing the Board Admin gives user not found. Is there something wrong with the forum?
    PS I have a Roku 2XS & I’m trying to find out if UMS will work with Roku boxes. I’ve made a few attempts at a UMS .config file but I alwas get a hang on retrieving. Any ideas?

  13. Hello.

    Could I ask you a question, why don’t you make a High Quality/Slower preset and only Medium, Fast and Faster? If you manually create SVP script it gives higher max quality.

    Yes, I do understand that due to different sources (SD, HD, FHD) higher settings may interfere and act different (including artifacts) but still?

  14. @James D if there are some settings that can produce better quality I’m interested to see them. For the most part, our settings are identical to SVP’s by default, so I don’t see how one would be significantly higher quality

  15. Just wondering: Is it possibe to convert a 60FPS video that contains both 60FPS and 30FPS footage and have the 30FPS footage be in 60FPS?

  16. Hi. Do you know if it’s possible to use the InterFrame plugin with AviSynth+? (http://avisynth.nl/index.php/AviSynth+)

    For e.g. I use the script in Potplayer with AviSynth 2.6 MT

    InterFrame(Preset=”Fast”, Tuning=”Animation”, GPU=false, Cores=#CPUS)

    Original script includes SetMTMode functions but I deleted because I want to test the script with AviSynth+ which has different functions for MT
    So it still works with AviSynth 2.6 MT, but not with AviSynth+

  17. in your tutorial “Convert videos to 60fps (Updated 21 May 2015)” – which is great btw

    when you have a video that is stuck at 99% – you can safely “abort” in MeGUI

    then just take the resulting .264 and mux is the way do all the other ones

    it will re-index it and everything will be in sync

    one thing I find using AVIDemux much more reliable with your script an muxing than MKVToolNix GUI

    I can explain it further if anyone cares.

  18. This website is confusing Subjunk please contact me using this email

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