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AutoLinks 1.7

Today I released an update for the Vanilla 1 extension AutoLinks, to 1.7 from 1.6.
It mainly contains changes to the YouTube embedding code. It improves privacy, enables HTML5 and allows the videos to scale to lower resolutions.

With regards to the privacy improvements, normally when you visit a page that has a YouTube video on it, YouTube (Google) sets cookies to gain what some people consider to be personal information. It’s nothing serious but I don’t think it’s good default behaviour when the person hasn’t even viewed the video.
So if you update to the new AutoLinks, YouTube will not use cookies unless the user actually plays the video.

Vanilla 1.2.1 released

It has been a long time since the last release of Vanilla 1.
Here is 1.2.1 which just has a few small updates since the beta I released before.

I thought I was going to abandon this project in favour of Vanilla 2, but after waiting for over a year and seeing that Vanilla 2 still doesn’t have a lot of the functionality that I love about Vanilla 1, I will stick with this for now and may release more versions in the future.

Click here to see the demo of the forum, and feel free to register and do anything you want there.
It is using the new default theme, and the old one is still available in the admin panel.

VanillaPorter 1.2.1

Here’s a small tweak to the Vanilla exporter script; the script that exports the databases of other forums and Vanilla 1 to Vanilla 2.
With the current official build, the posts that were deleted in Vanilla 1 became undeleted in Vanilla 2, and this fixes it.
I think the tweak will be added to the next official build anyway but until then you can use this.

Download here and, as with before, follow the instructions here.

Vanilla 1.2 Beta 1

Vanilla 2 has been released now and it’s pretty cool!
However, some people have put a lot of time into their Vanilla 1 forums and just want to stay with that for now.

Dinoboff and I put a lot of effort into the unreleased Vanilla 1.2, and sadly we didn’t finish it before Vanilla 2 was released and the Vanilla 1 project basically died.
Still, we did some great work, we fixed some bugs that are present in 1.1.10 – and possibly introduced some new ones, hence the “beta” – so I am releasing our work for those who want it.

The main changes we implemented are:

  • Updated default theme
    It’s still the regular default theme (and the old one is still there for those who want it) but it is upgraded with new buttons, fonts and other small tweaks which I think looks better.
    The old default theme also has some small bugfixes for layout inconsistencies, transparent icons are now allowed, etc.
  • Packaged extensions
    There are now “trusted” extensions included in the download.
    These are mostly extensions written by Dinoboff, me and Mark (Vanilla founder) as well as other trusted members of the community and they are all pretty good.
    We were including the new extension Minify (which made it to Vanilla 2, as well) which just optimizes loading times, but I have removed it from this download since it is unfinished in Vanilla 1 and is too unstable to include.
    Using these versions of the extensions instead of the released ones is highly recommended; in some cases we updated them a lot but never released the changes in a download.
  • Changed to jQuery from Prototype
    Well this one explains itself. It’s faster and nicer to code for.
  • Improved security
    There is improved protection against CSRF attacks in the core and extensions
  • Client-side image resizing
    Similar to the IP.Board feature, this makes all images the are too big for the screen be confined to the screen. It’s nifty.

You can register to the demo site and muck around there if you want.



If you want to make bug reports here that’s OK and I might fix them if I find the time, no promises though.
If you have code to contribute that’s cool too.

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