MPlayer & MEncoder SB37 released

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  • Synchronised with r35130, which:
    • Improves SubRip handling
    • Supports more formats
    • Fixed streaming delay in some situations
  • Updated FFmpeg to r44030 (438b86fed47d766b5af30cd1c379d15aa4cf4e57), which:
    • Improves audio/video sync
    • Better support for double-PAL and double-NTSC framerates
    • Fixed memory leaks/corruption
    • Improved subtitle timing when seeking
    • Fixes AC3 bug
    • Improved support for bitmap subtitles
  • Updated x264 to r2208
  • Updated fontconfig to 2.10.1, which:
    • Fixes a font type
    • Respects user’s previous configurations more
    • Fixes memory leaks
    • Supports older versions of Windows
    • Fixes cache aging

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  1. Unable to compile this on Linux using gcc. File attributes are messed up (none of the compiler scripts inside – starting with configure – is executable). Any trick to fix this quick without diggin’ over the whole source? Also everything seems to be written in DOS/WIN code. Had to use dos2unix to make it more appropriate.

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