MPlayer & MEncoder SB60 (Updated 23 Oct 2014)

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Here are builds of MPlayer and MEncoder for Windows that I had requests for.
In the past I have used the Sherpya (now known as “MPlayer on Windows”) builds and they are great, but have since become less stable for the things I use it for like encoding H.264 or AC-3, so now I will update this build instead.
I test each build for several different things before release, and since Universal Media Server also uses these builds there are many testers who report any bugs which I then fix.



Older Downloads:



2014-10-23 – SB60

  • Synchronised with r37302, which:
    • Fixed Blu-ray Disc seeking
    • Improved support for H.265
  • Updated FFmpeg to 596636a, which:
    • Improves support for many containers and codecs
    • Fixes bugs
  • Updated x264 to r2479, which:
    • Fixes bugs
    • Improves speed

2014-09-03 – SB59

  • Synchronised with r37259, which:
    • Fixes decoding of PGS subtitles
  • Updated FFmpeg to 596636a, which:
    • Improves support for many containers and codecs
    • Fixes bugs
  • Updated x264 to r2453, which:
    • Fixes 3D compatibility on some devices
    • Fixes bugs
    • Better optimizations for some CPUs

2014-06-17 – SB58

  • Fixed DTS-ES to AC-3 transcoding
  • Synchronised with r37225, which:
    • Improves H.265 support
    • Improves buffer allocation
    • Improves Opus support
    • Makes seeking more accurate
  • Updated FFmpeg to b152152, which:
    • Improves support for many containers and codecs and fixes bugs
  • Updated x264 to a5831aa (r2431), which:
    • Improves speed



  1. Yeah FFmpeg is much more basic in terms of features but the few things it does it does better than MEncoder.

  2. massive difference from sb52->sb53. things that lagged before no longer do and buffer fills up alot faster. great work :) back to using mencoder again lol

  3. btw. mplayer&mencoder are broken for DVD input if ‘-nosound’ is used :(

    mplayer.exe -lavdopts threads=1 dvd://1 -dvd-device “F:\TestClips&Co\DVDs\ElephantsDream\VIDEO_TS” -nosound -vo direct3d


    MPEG: Missing video stream!? Contact the author, it may be a bug :(

    mplayer.exe -lavdopts threads=1 dvd://1 -dvd-device “F:\TestClips&Co\DVDs\ElephantsDream\VIDEO_TS” -vo direct3d
    works (aside from the sound not beeing muted)

    mplayer.exe -lavdopts threads=1 dvd://1 -dvd-device “F:\TestClips&Co\DVDs\ElephantsDream\VIDEO_TS” -nosound -vo direct3d -ao nul
    works as workaround for mplayer, but sadly I haven’t found one for mencoder

    Any ideas?

    Cu Selur

  4. as wokraround using ‘-demuxer lavf dvdnav://’ instead of ‘dvd://1′ seems to work,..
    (still ugly development)

  5. download link is missing for sb55

  6. The -nosound bug is fixed upstream already.

  7. Why do not automatically play subtitles?

    version: SB56
    OS: Wndows7 sp1
    Lang: Korean

  8. When there are Korean characters in the file path there’s an error~

  9. Can I use the QSV encoding in this build?

  10. Sanjay jadhav

    July 17, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    All the above versions of MEncoder fails to convert mov files to FLV which are larger than 1 GB. Any workaround to make this work.

  11. @Sanjay jadhav Can you please give me the command you used?

  12. @SubJunk,can you add support for FDKAAC Encoder in mencoder,as a separate module because of licensing problems.
    Thank you for this great build of mplayer/mencoder.

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