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Here are builds of MPlayer and MEncoder for Windows that I had requests for.
In the past I have used the Sherpya (now known as “MPlayer on Windows”) builds and they are great, but have since become less stable for the things I use it for like encoding H.264 or AC-3, so now I will update this build instead.
I test each build for several different things before release, and since Universal Media Server also uses these builds there are many testers who report any bugs which I then fix.



Older Downloads:



2014-10-23 – SB60

  • Synchronised with r37302, which:
    • Fixed Blu-ray Disc seeking
    • Improved support for H.265
  • Updated FFmpeg to 596636a, which:
    • Improves support for many containers and codecs
    • Fixes bugs
  • Updated x264 to r2479, which:
    • Fixes bugs
    • Improves speed

2014-09-03 – SB59

  • Synchronised with r37259, which:
    • Fixes decoding of PGS subtitles
  • Updated FFmpeg to 596636a, which:
    • Improves support for many containers and codecs
    • Fixes bugs
  • Updated x264 to r2453, which:
    • Fixes 3D compatibility on some devices
    • Fixes bugs
    • Better optimizations for some CPUs

2014-06-17 – SB58

  • Fixed DTS-ES to AC-3 transcoding
  • Synchronised with r37225, which:
    • Improves H.265 support
    • Improves buffer allocation
    • Improves Opus support
    • Makes seeking more accurate
  • Updated FFmpeg to b152152, which:
    • Improves support for many containers and codecs and fixes bugs
  • Updated x264 to a5831aa (r2431), which:
    • Improves speed



  1. Yeah FFmpeg is much more basic in terms of features but the few things it does it does better than MEncoder.

  2. massive difference from sb52->sb53. things that lagged before no longer do and buffer fills up alot faster. great work :) back to using mencoder again lol

  3. btw. mplayer&mencoder are broken for DVD input if ‘-nosound’ is used :(

    mplayer.exe -lavdopts threads=1 dvd://1 -dvd-device “F:\TestClips&Co\DVDs\ElephantsDream\VIDEO_TS” -nosound -vo direct3d


    MPEG: Missing video stream!? Contact the author, it may be a bug :(

    mplayer.exe -lavdopts threads=1 dvd://1 -dvd-device “F:\TestClips&Co\DVDs\ElephantsDream\VIDEO_TS” -vo direct3d
    works (aside from the sound not beeing muted)

    mplayer.exe -lavdopts threads=1 dvd://1 -dvd-device “F:\TestClips&Co\DVDs\ElephantsDream\VIDEO_TS” -nosound -vo direct3d -ao nul
    works as workaround for mplayer, but sadly I haven’t found one for mencoder

    Any ideas?

    Cu Selur

  4. as wokraround using ‘-demuxer lavf dvdnav://’ instead of ‘dvd://1′ seems to work,..
    (still ugly development)

  5. download link is missing for sb55

  6. The -nosound bug is fixed upstream already.

  7. Why do not automatically play subtitles?

    version: SB56
    OS: Wndows7 sp1
    Lang: Korean

  8. When there are Korean characters in the file path there’s an error~

  9. Can I use the QSV encoding in this build?

  10. Sanjay jadhav

    July 17, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    All the above versions of MEncoder fails to convert mov files to FLV which are larger than 1 GB. Any workaround to make this work.

  11. @Sanjay jadhav Can you please give me the command you used?

  12. @SubJunk,can you add support for FDKAAC Encoder in mencoder,as a separate module because of licensing problems.
    Thank you for this great build of mplayer/mencoder.

  13. The Mplayer and Mencoder of SB59 cannot play a DVD ISO file in a folder which name including the Asian characters, but the SB41 is OK. For eample, the command
    .\mplayer.exe -dvd-device D:\重要数据\视频归档\200504~1\sample.ISO dvd://1
    will failed in SB59, run OK in SB41.

    The versions between SB41 and SB59 are not checked.

    Would you please solve this in the new version?

  14. The version after SB51 cannot play the DVD ISO file in a folder which name including Asian characters, but the version SB50 is OK. The command is like below
    .\mplayer.exe -dvd-device D:\BT下载\sample.ISO dvd://1

  15. @wind001 thanks for reporting it, I’ll try to fix it :)

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