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InterFrame 2.6.0 released

This update adds a new option “FrameDouble” for users who always want to double the framerate.

For more details, please see the main post.

Changes since 2.5.2:

  • Added new boolean option “FrameDouble”, which when set to “true” will always double the framerate of the input video, unless NewNum is greater than 0.
  • Updated the “Recommended” script in the documentation

InterFrame 2.5.0 released

In addition to this release, I’ve also added new sample videos. These were made using the default InterFrame settings with GPU enabled (GPU=true).

For more details and the download link, please see the main post.

Changes since 2.4.0:

  • Minimized artifacts (thanks, Widezu69!)
  • Made motion smoother by default (only in GPU mode)
  • Updated libraries which improve scene-change detection, thanks to SVP

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