One of the websites I run is dmb – Dual Monitor Backgrounds.
For a while now I’ve been working on a major update to the website and it’s ready now (I hope) for beta testing.

With the current, non-beta version of dmb it’s quite a simple website, I manually add all the images. When people want me to add their images to the site they email them to me.
With the new, beta version people can add their own wallpapers, which are then added to their profile. Profiles are what categories used to be.

This will allow the amount of images to grow much faster than before and I hope it will be more satisfying for people to control their own images rather than have me put them up on their behalf. There is of course rating, commenting and all that good stuff.

I ask that you go onto the website and test it, and if you have suggestions or find bugs please let me know. It is a fairly high-traffic website and I want to get those things ironed out before putting it fully online.

You can see the beta at