InterFrame 2.0b1 released

You can get it from its main post here.


  • Rewrite which no longer uses MVTools2 and has better quality and is faster.

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  1. Thanks for the new version. I’m still with 1.14 since I use Interframe in a different way then its designed for using Magic Lantern to get HDR video. I do have problems with 2.0b1, but that’s probably because I use it wrong…


    So we have a 25FPS framerate looking like THIS: O-U-O-U-O-U etc…. (O = overexposed and U = underexposed)
    The result we need is an 25 fps overexposed and a 25fps underexposed stream which are saved as image sequences.
    How we do it:

    A = FFVideoSource(“..\RAW.MOV”)
    A = ConvertToRGB(A, matrix=”PC.601″, interlaced=false)
    A = Converttoyv12(A) # convert to yv12 needed for Interframe
    A = selecteven(A) # select even or odd frames and interpolate them
    A = assumefps(A, 25) # Interframe doesn’t work with 12,5 fps
    A = InterFrame(A, NewNum=50, NewDen=1, GPU=false, FlowPath=ScriptDir()+”..\Avisynth-plugins\”)
    A = assumefps(A, 25)
    A = trim(A, 1, 0)
    A = ConvertToRGB(A)
    A = ImageWriter(A, “..\frames\A”, type = “jpg”)

    B = FFVideoSource(“..\RAW.MOV”)
    B = ConvertToRGB(B, matrix=”PC.601″, interlaced=false)
    B = Converttoyv12(B) # convert to yv12 needed for Interframe
    B = selectodd(B) # select even or odd frames and interpolate them
    B = assumefps(B, 25) # Interframe doesn’t work with 12,5 fps
    B = InterFrame(B, NewNum=50, NewDen=1, GPU=false, FlowPath=ScriptDir()+”..\Avisynth-plugins\”)
    B = assumefps(B, 25)
    B = ConvertToRGB(B)
    B = ImageWriter(B, “..\frames\B”, type = “jpg”)

    return Interleave(A,B)

    It would be awesome if we could use information of the underexposed frame for the overexposed interpolated frame and vise versa to get a better result.
    Is there any chance this is possible somehow?

    Kind regards Sander

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