InterFrame 2.4.0 Beta 1 released

For more details and the download link, please see the main post.

Changes since 2.3.0:

  • The “Medium” preset is back to what it was in 2.2.0
  • The “Fast” preset is the same as “Medium” was in 2.3.0
  • The new “Faster” preset is the same as “Fast” was in 2.3.0
  • The “Animation” tuning has been changed a lot based on SVP recommendations
  • The “Weak” tuning has been changed a lot based on widezu69’s recommendations
  • The “Smooth” tuning is smoother


  1. I’ve just found this a few days before the 2.40 Beta 1 was released so I haven’t had much time to differentiate the improvements/changes between the two versions (since 2.3.0)
    So far, I only use the default settings when converting movies.
    It would seem that I would need to download 2.2.0 to see a difference.
    Perhaps in the near future I will begin doing testing of the three versions.
    Since I have begun using this script, I’ve started using 10bit x264 to convert some Blu-Ray movie (scenes only; as of yet to convert a full movie) to a 480p resolution.
    I must say that it has certainly changed the viewing experience of the movie for me. It’s become quite a remarkable finding. I shall be dedicating more time to converting some of my favorite movies to 60 (60/1.001; NTSC) fps in the future.
    I’m also an enthusiast of the Pulfrich effect and habitually watch movies with a pair of Pulfrich glasses. This new conversion definitely makes the Pseudo3D much more pleasing and “defined” or “pronounced” compared to it’s original fps (NTSC; 24/1.001).
    It was quite enjoyable watching it converted to anaglyph (rec/cyan) as well!

    Definitely glad I stumbled upon this script. Looking forward to updates and providing feedback when possible.

  2. The weak tuning give me error, cause overlap:1 on cpu computing.

  3. SubJunk

    January 16, 2013 at 11:29 am

    @Shane: Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    @Motenai Yoda: Thanks for reporting it, it is fixed in 2.4.0 RC1

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