MPlayer & MEncoder SB31 released

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  • Synchronised with r34866, which:
    • Increases the maximum cores used from 8 to 16, meaning faster performance on newer CPUs.
    • Fixes the bug where the end of a video was cut off when using multithreading
  • Added dsnative (GPU) support
  • Updated automake to 1.11.5 from 1.11.1
  • Updated libbluray to r860 from r850

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  1. Hi SubJunk
    It seems only decoder threads (lavdopts) were raised to 16? lavcopts still supports 8 cores only.
    Also I spoted that using 8(lavcopts) is faster on my quadcore(no HT) without any side effects. 4 threads used in lavdopts due to bug with A/V sync issues.
    So for my 4 thread system the best settings is 4(dopts) and 8(copts). Hopefully 16 cores will be supported also for “-lavcopts”

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