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Changes since SB53:

  • Synchronised with r36571, which:
    • Adds Google VP9 support
    • Improves support for some DVDs
    • Improves AAC support
    • Speed improvements
    • Fixes memory leaks
  • Updated FFmpeg to r59647 (13f3092), which:
    • Improves AV sync
    • Improves AC-3 support
    • Improves DTS support
    • Improves VP9 support
    • Improves H.264 support
    • Improves H.265 support
    • Improves AviSynth support
    • Improves Matroska support
    • Fixes dts/pts bugs when outputting MPEG-TS
    • Adds support for reading and setting stereoscopic metadata for MPEG-2, H.264 and H.265 streams
  • Updated Opus to 1.1, which:
    • Significantly improves encoding quality
    • Speed improvements of up to 40%