PS3 Media Server (SubJunk Build) 1.21.0-SB14

This is a feature and bugfix release



  • Synchronised with official r500 from r472 (Click here for changelog)
  • Added MEncoder build 32735 as well as 30369; 32735 is used in all cases except when there are ASS or SRT subtitles
  • Updated icons with proper ones (multi-resolution) which look great with icon docks
  • Code formatting



  1. Not rly a comment but still. If anyone could tell me how can I revert back to the default settings? I’ve deleted everything I can find from the ssd concerning ps3 media… folders, files, registry, services and still after a reinstall, it finds the old configs.

    I certainly would like the idea of an “default settings” button somewhere in the software. 🙂

    Thx in advance and SB I rly love the work you are doing. <3

  2. SubJunk

    February 16, 2011 at 10:38 am

    @KrisseZ: If you are using Windows your main config file will be in AppData, did you delete that one?

  3. Well that was the one I was missing. Tried ps3* and *media* as the search word, but since it was all named PMS no wonder I couldn’t find it with the search.

    And for the rest who might struggle with this issue the full path is:


    Thank you very much SB. <3

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