1. This version has a bug.
    In the folder [DVD ISO] VIDEO_TS
    Title 1 [MEncoder]
    Title 2 [MEncoder]
    Title 3 [MEncoder]
    Title 1 [MEncoder]
    Title 2 [MEncoder]
    Title 3 [MEncoder]
    Title 1,2,3 … is repeated twice, etc.

  2. Hi Subjunk. As posted in forum, at least your latest build includes broken ffmpeg.exe file.
    It always returns nothing.

  3. omg is a Bug version ,, wait OF PMS59 DUDES

  4. SubJunk

    January 11, 2012 at 1:00 am

    @Sveller: Thanks. This is a bug that is years old 🙂

    @ExSport & Cyber: Will release a new one soon

  5. Is the bug that stream randomly stops when watching web-dl mkv files known bug? I have waited for that to be fixed but it’s always around. It doesn’t happen everytime but it happens a lot. Stream usually stops after 10mins of watching or after 20mins and sometimes very near the end of the clip. Last time it happened with Family Guy WEB-DL mkv file. It was season 10 episode 6 or 7. It doesn’t happen if i change mkv to mpg with “mkv2vob” software. If i’m not going to change the file to mpg, it usually works when i start the file from the moment it stopped and never stops again, even if i start little before it stopped.

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