1. Can confirm that the install path is fixed.. but both rls 59 & 60 won’t start.. No error, no nothing.. simply won’t initialize. reverting back to 58, all is well

  2. ->Same here.

  3. @loljunk: check instalation folder (it was changed)

  4. @cosmo:

    Read Changelog: 60 AND 58 SAME INSTALL DIR. Only Change was in 59. But here from Version 59 on PMS wount start.

    So LOLJUNG is not the only one with this Problem.

  5. I just posted this on the main forum – any chance of getting it fixed in the next beta? Thanks.

    Audio High Fidelity Engine is broken for OSX
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    Audio High Fidelity Engine is broken for OSX

    Postby macaudioguy » Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:18 pm

    The Audio High Fidelity Engine is broken for OSX. Message is “Data is corrupted” when trying to play 96/24 flac from the video section. Also 48khz 24 bit files need to be recognized by the High Fidelity Engine since the PS3 will not play 24 bit files unless under the video section.


    Here is the log

    New I/O server worker #1-3] INFO 15:10:25.275 Starting transcode/remux of 01 515 AM.flac
    [mkfifo] DEBUG 15:10:25.286 Starting mkfifo -m 777 /var/folders/wm/wmT4fPdLF9eUOTIDcPygTU+++TM/-Tmp-/ps3mediaserver/mplayer_aud1327525825276
    [mkfifo] DEBUG 15:10:25.319 Unix process ID (mkfifo): 1569
    [osx/mplayer] DEBUG 15:10:25.386 Starting “/Applications/PS3 Media Server.app/Contents/Resources/Java/osx/mplayer” “/Users/testacct/Desktop/Shangri-La (96-24)/01 515 AM.flac” -prefer-ipv4 -nocache -af channels=2 -quiet -quiet -vo null -ao pcm:waveheader:fast:file=/var/folders/wm/wmT4fPdLF9eUOTIDcPygTU+++TM/-Tmp-/ps3mediaserver/mplayer_aud1327525825276 -quiet -quiet -quiet
    [osx/mplayer] DEBUG 15:10:25.417 Reading pipe: /var/folders/wm/wmT4fPdLF9eUOTIDcPygTU+++TM/-Tmp-/ps3mediaserver/mplayer_aud1327525825276
    [Thread-38] DEBUG 15:10:25.426 Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file
    [osx/mplayer] DEBUG 15:10:25.493 Attaching thread: osx/mplayer
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.495 MPlayer SB17 (C) 2000-2011 MPlayer Team
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.495 Custom build by SubJunk, http://www.spirton.com
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496 Terminal type `xterm-color’ is not defined.
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496 Playing /Users/testacct/Desktop/Shangri-La (96-24)/01 515 AM.flac.
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496 Audio only file format detected.
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496 Load subtitles in /Users/testacct/Desktop/Shangri-La (96-24)/
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.496 ==========================================================================
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 AUDIO: 96000 Hz, 2 ch, s32le, 2971.0 kbit/48.36% (ratio: 371373->768000)
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 Selected audio codec: [ffflac] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg FLAC audio)
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 ==========================================================================
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 [AO PCM] File: /var/folders/wm/wmT4fPdLF9eUOTIDcPygTU+++TM/-Tmp-/ps3mediaserver/mplayer_aud1327525825276 (WAVE)
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 PCM: Samplerate: 96000Hz Channels: Stereo Format s32le
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.497 [AO PCM] Info: Faster dumping is achieved with -benchmark -vc null -vo null -ao pcm:fast
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.498 [AO PCM] Info: To write WAVE files use -ao pcm:waveheader (default).
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.498 AO: [pcm] 96000Hz 2ch s32le (4 bytes per sample)
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.498 Video: no video
    [Thread-41] DEBUG 15:10:25.498 Starting playback…
    [osx/mplayer] DEBUG 15:10:25.498 Unix process ID (/Applications/PS3 Media Server.app/Contents/Resources/Java/osx/mplayer): 1570
    [Thread-43] DEBUG 15:10:29.992 Stopping Unix process 1570: osx/mplayer
    [Thread-43] DEBUG 15:10:29.993 Stopping Unix process 1569: mkfifo
    [Thread-38] DEBUG 15:10:29.993
    [Thread-38] DEBUG 15:10:29.993
    [Thread-38] DEBUG 15:10:29.995 MPlayer interrupted by signal 15 in module: play_audio
    [Thread-38] DEBUG 15:10:29.995 Error consuming stream of spawned process: Bad file descriptor
    [Thread-51] WARN 15:10:39.993 Sending kill -14 to the Unix process: 1570
    [Thread-51] DEBUG 15:10:40.035 Successfully sent kill -14 to the Unix process: 1570
    [Thread-18] DEBUG 15:12:40.710 Sending ALIVE…

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