1. Great job again Subjunk! Have a question though. Maybe you have time to help me out.
    When I run PMS on the PS3 I see not one directory with eg. “Title 1” but two or, when I go back in the structure again, even three times “Title 1” or another name for that matter. It’s only when I go down in the filestructure and look from the moment the dir #transcode is there. Thanks a lot for all you’re doing.

  2. The link to download the Linux version is broken and/or the file does not exist.

  3. SubJunk

    February 17, 2012 at 7:20 am

    @Aaron: Thanks for reporting that, I fixed it.

    @Marco: Do you mean when you are browsing a DVD or compressed file?

  4. When I browse a ISO or TS file it gives me duplicates. No harm but it looks kind of strange.

  5. Thumbnails broken?
    On first Visit an Folder from PS3, he build all thumbnails correct. But if i add an avi file to the folder and go again in this Folder, he shows me the new File (and i can play them) but no more thumbnail generation on PS3 for NEW added Files!

  6. im having some problems with the playback, all vids after the middle of total time exactly starts to lag for some seconds then gets back to normal. i already tried all kinds of vids, small, big, high, low def. all gives the same…im thinking its a program problem, can you check it out ? thanks for the great work!

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