SVP: SmoothVideo Project (Updated 31/05/2011)


Recently I have come across a program called SmoothVideo Project, or SVP, which makes realtime framedoubling much easier to set up than it previously was.
This post is a short review of that program, and where it fits with InterFrame for users.


It is very user-friendly and provides instant framedoubling, you just install it and play a video like normal.
It provides good quality, and the quality can be tweaked using “Profile settings”, which look like the following in the default mode:

And the following in Expert mode:

The program itself just runs in the background, showing an icon in the system tray.
Its ease-of-use makes it perfect for people who don’t want to deal with scripts, which brings us to the next section


  • People who watch video on their computer should try SVP, especially if you haven’t tried realtime framedoubling before.
    By default the quality isn’t great, but the interface allows you to tweak it to your preferences with no scripting knowledge, so if you try it make sure you play with the settings!
  • If you already have your computer set up for framedoubling (like if you used Widezu’s advice) then you will probably want to keep using your current system.
    Widezu’s scripts now incorporate the custom DLL files made by the SVP developers which increase the speed with GPU-acceleration. His scripts also are very similar to InterFrame, which means you will get the best quality from them and he is always happy to help you tweak the scripts to run smoothly on your computer.
  • If you want the maximum quality and/or want to watch the videos on your TV (like me), InterFrame is the best option, and here is a complete guide to using InterFrame.
    The advantages of InterFrame over the other 2 options are that you can have the maximum quality on any hardware instead of compromising, and if you are like me you want to watch videos on your TV sitting on the couch instead of your computer 🙂


SVP is a great addition to the options available for people who want frame-interpolation.
Its developers have not only released a useful program, but also contributed to InterFrame and other scripts by allowing us to use their files.
Future versions will continue to improve and I look forward to seeing that!



  • Updated link to Widezu’s instructions


  1. Nice review. However, I’m like you and watch videos on my TV. BUT, I am looking forward to what you do in the future in regards to realtime framedoubling with PS3 Media Server, or InterFrame. I was looking at ffdshow options and noticed you can use AviSynth scripts…… Could this be used to enable realtime with PS3 Media Server in its current state? 🙂

  2. SubJunk

    April 10, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    @freeza: PS3 Media Server does support AviSynth scripts so it’s possible it could be hacked in. I have been thinking about adding the feature to the program properly, though. Right now I am working on the next version of InterFrame which should be released within the next few days, then maybe I will look at adding an option to PMS 🙂

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