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  • General:
    • Fixed memory buffer handling
    • Added LPCM transcoding option for all audio tracks
    • Added DTS HD-MA support up to 7.1 channels: DTS core remux, LPCM and AC3 transcoding
    • Added Dolby TrueHD support up to 7.1 channels: LPCM (recommended) and AC3 (buggy for 7.1) transcoding
    • Added support for more rare audio formats
    • Updated documentation in UMS.conf
  • Languages:
    • Improved English settings labels
    • Fixed spacing across all languages on the “Common transcode settings” page
    • Improved Russian translations
    • Removed outdated translations
    • Fixed display of maximum transcode buffer size in 5 languages (ca, es, is, it, sv)
    • Improved support for RTL languages