You can get it from its website here.


  • General:
    • Enabled FFmpeg video player for all platforms
    • Updated FFmpeg for Windows to e01f478 (20120319)
    • Updated 32-bit MediaInfo to the 20120611 development snapshot which fixes a bug with detecting the duration of some avi files
    • Improved FFmpeg commands
    • Added support for PGS (Blu-ray) subtitles
    • Added support for VobSub (DVD) subtitles in MP4 container
    • Better handling of embedded SSA/SSA subtitle styling
    • Fixed audio track selection for MP4 and MOV containers
    • Localized audio and subtitle priority defaults
    • Added option on Traces tab to pack useful debug information into a zip file
    • Fixed 64-bit OS detection for Windows and OS X
    • Made program-closing more reliable
    • Fixed default settings
  • Languages:
    • Updated Catalan (thanks, aseques)
    • Improved English