This release adds a web interface (visit localhost:9001 while running UMS to use it), improves transcoding speed and stability by default, adds and improves support for many more renderers and more!



Release thread

Changes since 3.6.2:

  • General:
    • Added a web interface, available at localhost:9001
    • Added a new transcoding option to allow H.264 video with AAC audio
    • Added documentation for more renderer options to PS3.conf (CustomFFmpegOptions and OverrideVideoFilter)
    • Added support for configuring whether UMS can run just one or multiple instances
    • Changed the names of transcoding options in renderer config files for clarity
    • Output surround audio (AC-3) instead of stereo (MP2) when using VLC (needs testing)
    • Enabled subtitles in VLC (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    • Made FFmpeg the default transcoding engine
    • Improved the TextWrap function, which makes filenames fit better on certain renderers
    • Fixed padding in FFmpeg for DVD video resolution
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Google Chromecast
    • Added support for nPlayer, skifta and TwonkyBeam on portable Apple devices (thanks, MattDetroit!)
    • Added support for LG LM620 TVs (thanks, michal-sapsa!)
    • Added support for Sony Bravia W7 series TVs (thanks, shtirlic!)
    • Improved support for OPPO devices
    • Improved support for Panasonic TX-L32V10E TVs
  • Languages:
    • Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)
  • External Components:
    • Updated Apache commons-lang to 3.3.2, which:
      • Fixes bugs
    • Updated Logback to 1.1.2, which:
      • Fixes bugs
    • Updated Maven Git Commit ID Plugin to 2.1.9
    • Updated Netty to 3.9.1, which:
      • Fixes bugs
    • Updated slf4j to 1.7.7