This release improves folder population speed, fixes external subtitles and file support bugs, fixes and updates translations and more!


Release details:

Changes since 4.0.2:

  • General:
    • Fixed MP4 support on some renderers
    • Fixed transcoded video resolutions with odd numbers on some renderers
    • Fixed error when retrieving audio channels
    • Updated descriptions in UMS.conf
  • Renderers:
    • Fixed audio support on WDTV Live (thanks, DualC!)
    • Fixed external subtitle support on Samsung devices
    • Improved support for Panasonic VT60 TVs
  • Languages:
    • Fixed Spanish translation
    • Updated most translations in minor ways
    • Updated Dutch translation (thanks, leroy!)
  • External Components:
    • Updated MediaInfo for Windows to 0.7.69, which:
      • Improves folder population times
      • Improves stability
      • Improves detection of HEVC streams
      • Fixes bugs