This release improves file support – especially for files with subtitles – improves speed, adds Xbox One support, fixes bugs and more!


Release details

Changes since 4.0.3:

  • General:
    • Added previous and next buttons to web interface
    • Added the ability to prioritize renderer loading order
    • Windows uninstaller no longer deletes custom renderer configs
    • Windows uninstaller no longer leaves behind unused files
    • Windows automatic updater downloads the correct build for the user’s Java version
    • FFmpeg defers to MEncoder for transcoding subtitles by default
    • Fixed subtitles stretching bug
    • Fixed startup crash on non-Windows operating systems
    • Fixed subtitles not being transcoded when the renderer supported streaming the file
    • Fixed automatic wireless quality optimizations not being applied
    • Improved logging and log packing
    • Speed improvements
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Xbox One via DLNA
    • Improved support for Panasonic VT60 TVs
  • Languages:
    • Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)
  • External Components:
    • Updated Java Runtime Environment automatic downloader for Windows to 8u20, which:
      • Improves security
    • Updated FFmpeg for Windows and OS X to builds from 2014-08-28, which:
      • Improves support for many containers and codecs
      • Fixes bugs