This release fixes Xbox One support, improves browsing speed, network performance, file support and more!


Release details

Changes since 4.1.2:

  • General:
    • Improved default settings for smoother playback on wired and wireless networks
    • Made FFmpeg more reliable when transcoding embedded subtitles
    • Enabled file cache by default
    • Updated logo (subtle)
    • Improved cache handling
    • Disabled FFmpeg deferring to MEncoder for subtitles by default
    • Fixed thumbnails on some Samsung TVs
    • Fixed general bugs
  • Renderers:
    • Fixed unnecessary high CPU usage on LG TVs (thanks, amalic!)
    • Fixed support for Sony Home Theatre Systems
    • Fixed support for Xbox One
    • Improved support for Samsung UE ES6575 TVs
  • Languages:
    • Updated Czech translation
    • Updated French translation (thanks, Kirvx!)