This release fixes Xbox One detection, adds support for several new devices, improves folder population speed, fixes bugs and more!


Release details

Changes since 4.2.1:

  • General:
    • Improved compatibility of H.264 transcoding when using MEncoder
    • Customized buffer color
  • Renderers:
    • Added support for Hama IR320 (thanks, Enrice!)
    • Added support for Roku 3 (incomplete) (thanks, weyrava and drocket!)
    • Added support for Panasonic ET60 Series TVs (thanks, Enrice!)
    • Added support for Samsung F5100 Blu-ray Disc players (thanks, maracucho!)
    • Added support for Samsung Galaxy S5 (thanks, FlyMcDoogal!)
    • Added support for Sony PlayStation Vita (incomplete) (thanks, Verequies, Balmung and xubz!)
    • Fixed Xbox One detection (thanks, Whogie!)
  • Languages:
    • Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)
  • External Components:
    • Updated JNA to 4.1.0, which fixes bugs
    • Updated Maven Exec Plugin to 1.3.2, which fixes bugs
    • Updated Maven Findbugs Plugin to 3.0.0, which fixes bugs
    • Updated Maven Javadoc Plugin to 2.10.1, which fixes bugs
    • Updated Maven Jdepend Plugin to 2.0, which fixes bugs
    • Updated Maven Site Plugin to 3.4, which fixes bugs
    • Updated Netty to 3.9.5, which fixes bugs