Universal Media Server 5.0.0 released

This release adds a major redesign of the Status tab, support for UPnP connections and playback, IMDB information with filename prettifying, HTML5 video support in the web interface, xmb playlist folders, support for more renderers, fixes bugs and more!


Release details


  1. Hey SubJunk,
    Firstly, I’m sorry for posting my problem in the wrong topic since I didn’t see any recent replies from you in your amazing article (Convert videos to 60fps) that worked perfectly for me at the beginning!
    But now, most of successfully converted movies by it get this frustrating error when using mkvmerge to mux just the dts audio of the original movie with the converted one (60fps with no audio):

    “Error in the Matroska file structure at position 4010858. Resyncing to the next level 1 element.
    The last timecode processed before the error was encountered was 00:00:19.978000000.
    Resyncing successful at position 4782373.
    The first cluster timecode after the resync is 00:00:25.025000000.”

    I tried to completely reinstall avisynth & MeGUI but the same thing still happens!
    The only thing I can do to overcome this is to convert the movie several times to 60 fps until mkvmerge succeed without showing this error that causes picture freezing with existing audio at the faulty minutes of the film that reported by mkvmerge!
    I’d be so thankful if you could help me out with this 🙂
    Thank you so much indeed!


  2. SubJunk

    February 16, 2015 at 11:27 am

    @Salaam I guess it’s a bug with MKVMerge so try previous or newer versions

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