Universal Media Server

The PMS SubJunk Build has evolved into Universal Media Server.

I have a lot of new features and improvements planned for it, some of which are already in the first version, so check it out and spread the word 🙂

The first version is released now for Windows and Linux, and you can download it from its website universalmediaserver.com.


  1. Hi, thanks for all your hard work and the all new UMS, i just like to know, so the ums and pms they look pretty much the same at least on the look and options, so what is diffrent? and also i was going to ask you this for a long time but never did, i use pms for internet radio with my PBO box office and some times when is the signal low the stream gets cut off which is ok but the problem is it never trys to reconect the same stream, it always goes to the next one if there is one and if there is none, then i just have to hit the play again and this gets anoying if you are on the other side of the room or if you are really busy, so i was wondring if there is a way to fix this on your next upcoming release please, thanks

  2. SubJunk

    June 2, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    @Sed: The main differences between the last PMS build and UMS are the transcoding is much faster and more stable on Windows, and the True Motion feature in the Avisynth/MEncoder engine.
    With regards to the internet radio, I don’t know anything about that but if you create an issue on the tracker at http://code.google.com/p/universal-media-server/issues/list I’ll look into it.

  3. Hoping that Sudjunk or shark hunter will see this post. i’ve got 2 issues:
    1. how do i add my time capsule folders to the shared folders of UMS? I’ve looked up and down and can’t seem to find either a solution or at least someone definitively saying it isn’t possible. I wish I knew just so I could stop asking the question
    2. Do you guys have any recommendations for iPhone apps that will connect with UMS so that I can stream my files to my iPhone?
    I love UMS, had been using PMS for a couple of years, it was great, but UMS is even better. I don’t see any stuttering with my MKV files now.
    Thanks for all the hard work

  4. @Paul I’m not sure about the first question, sorry. We do support quite a few iPhone apps like AcePlayer, AirPlayer, AirAV, yxplayer2 lite and BUZZ Player

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