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  • Synchronised with r47441 (03847eb), which:
    • Supports more rare avi files
    • Improves support for demuxing DTS-HD
    • Improves opus support
    • Improves GCC compatibility when compiled with MinGW
    • Improves URL-handling
    • Fixes dozens of memory leaks
    • Improves audio sync for some AVI files using MP3 audio
    • Fixes parsing of old lossless H.264 profile
    • Improves FPS detection
    • Improved sync for interlaced video
    • Corrected blu-ray bitrate calculation
    • Supports WAV metadata
    • Automatically sets VBV buffer size for MPEG-1, 2 and 4 when none is specified
    • Allows mid-stream channel layout change for flac audio
    • Supports 24-bit flac encoding
    • Improves audio sync when seeking
    • Improves support for some CPU-optimisations
    • Fixed a lot of bugs with the implementation of h264
  • Updated x264 to r2230